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About Us

We are Proactive

We believe that everyone should have access to quality, nutritious food no matter what the emergency. Taking control of one's future starts by anticipating and taking proactive action.

Our Company

Proactive Foods is part of the Forever Fresh Foods group, a family-owned and operated business based in Somerset West, South Africa. We specialise in the manufacturing, production, and marketing of premium freeze-dried foods for long-term food storage and food security.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the go-to source for freeze-dried emergency food storage and to help people feel confident and prepared for anything.

Proactive Vision Statement Image

Why Proactive

Have you ever found yourself pondering the what-ifs? What if the supermarket shelves ran empty? What if a natural disaster struck? What if you couldn't provide for your family? We know we have.

These exact questions and stark realisation led to the creation of Proactive Foods. Instead of letting fear or inaction consume us, we decided to take action for our family and for others.

We founded this business with a mission to help people like you achieve food self-sufficiency and security in the face of adversity.

Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and resources to be proactive in ensuring your family's safety and well-being. With our help, you can rest assured that you'll be ready for whatever comes your way. So let's take action together towards a more secure future.

Our Values

  • Premium Ingredients - We carefully and personally source only the very best whole-food, all-natural ingredients, that are free from any preservatives, additives or stabilisers.
  • Free Range Meats and Organic Produce - All our meat products are certified free range. We believe in ethical and sustainable farming practices and only source from certified suppliers.
  • Non-GMO - We are committed to only supplying non-GMO certified products.
  • Sustainable Manufacturing Practices - Long before everyone had solar, we've been committed to using renewable sources of energy to manufacture our products and to limit our impact on the environment.

Where We Are Located

Our factory is based in Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa.

You can contact us by:

Email at:

Tel: +27 87 550 1579