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Proactive Foods - Customer Reviews

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We used 1 and a quarter product with 2 cups water. Makes awesome scramble eggs

Great eggs

We tried the eggs. It tastes great. We made scramble eggs. To get n thicker end product we decreased the water ratio to the dry product. Will buy it again

Emergency Food Kit | Vital-30
Bernadette Henning

Great meals, very well prepared.

Awesome product

I am so impressed with the quality of the product the taste the easy way to prepare. A product worth buying over and over again

Awesome product

It tastes fantastic will buy it again. Loved it

Stunning taste

I was pleasantly surprised with the taste! The flavours when taking a bite is absolutely fantastic. Every bite was delicious and definitely worth the purchase.


Very much a beefy taste and the pieces of beef soften well in the water. The longer you wait the better it gets.

Tasty chicken

Very tasty with nice chunks of soft chicken.
Definitely int the top 4 choices of flavours.

Emergency food kit

Great product and easy to use

Awesome product

We will order it again wonderful products and great service

trial run on meals

Only tried the butter chicken so far but it was absoluely fine.

Tasty Potjiekos

Delicious taste.
Amazing how the sausage come right back to live!
Definitely a winner for dinner.

Serious 90

Excellent quality, excellent service! Very satisfied.

Great tasting product

This is a great product which tastes like actual cheddar cheese.

I love the fact that it does not contain preservatives and other junk.

I eat it in its dried state and it adds nice texture and flavour to my scrambled eggs.

Will definitely purchase more in the future.

Would love a grated mozzarella product in the future?

Speedy tasteful meal

I was pleasantly surprised by the taste preservation. After doing the 8 minute hot water process, the food was ready to eat and tasted fresh as though it came of the stove. Great quality.

Better than expected

Food was delivered in expediently and in good condition. The meals taste pretty good for something that’s meant to last 25 years!

90 day

AAA+ Delivery in great time. Food prepared to order so its manufacture date is no older than the date you order or at least not months or years old like outdoor hiking & sport shops

Proactive foods is no more than just a few days old when you get it. Which means you benefit from extended shelf life and quality. This is because they manufacture to order with great quality foods. I've purchased MRE's from sporting and hiking shops and the manufacture date was already way in the past. With Proactive foods you get the 25 years storage potential at a great price (discounted even further the more you buy) Awsome taste to.

Great Snack

Makes a great snack and adds flavour to rest of food. Especially handy for hiking trips where low weight is what makes the difference between a great hike or a torture trip.

Great Allrounder

Versatile protein source. For frying I get better results when soaking it a little longer, drain excess water before putting it into the pan. Also great for cooking and as is as light weight biltong. Will probably be awesome for making pemmican.

Accurate Advertising

Great quality product just like the advert says! Let it soak a little longer, especially in cold weather, for even better results.

100% satisfied with service and delivery.
Used 3 meals and it is the real deal. Perfect fresh taste.
Will order again. 5star

Awesome product

With the increasing loadshedding we started to look for an alternative instead of waiting and throwing away food gone off in the fridge. We came across this product was hesitant but took a chance and ordered the curry with rice and a few others to try.
WOW it is an amazing product deliciously and easy to prepare. Very impressive

Freeze dried mixed veg

Really good. Couldn't tell the difference

I am keeping my food for emergency reasons and am sure it will be excellent quality