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Classic Chicken a la King - with Rice (300g)

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A comforting rich and creamy dish of tender chicken, button mushrooms, onions, red peppers and green peas 

  • Freeze-Dried | Shelf Stable for 25 Years
  • Contains no preservatives, stabilisers, fillers, or E-numbers
  • Free Range | 100% Meat | Zero Antibiotics
  • No refrigeration required
  • Just add boiling water
  • Ready to eat in minutes
CALORIES 361 (1517 kJ)



White Rice, Chicken Breast, Milk, White Wine, Mushroom, Onion, Butter, Wheatflour, Cream, Peas, Red Peppers, Chicken Stock, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Black Pepper


Gluten, Cow's Milk


Unlike dehydrated foods, that rely on nutritional damaging high heat to remove moisture and offer a limited shelf life of less than 1 year, freeze-dried foods use a gentle cold process to preserve 98% of all nutrients and offers long term preservation of up to 25 years. What's more, freeze-dried foods simply taste better than dehydrated foods, offer a wider choice of both meat and plant meals, are lighter and are easier and quicker to rehydrate.

Customer Reviews

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TJ Morkel
Comparison to another brand

I enjoyed the meals I purchased for my hike recently. I took the chicken ala king, beef lasagne and vegetable korma + couscous with me. A friend took the chicken ala king and commented that it was delicious but she could not find any chucks of chicken. She said it tasted like chicken soup but she enjoyed it. The vegetable korma + couscous lacked flavour but I added some dried fruit ( just an idea) to give it more flavour. The Beef lasange was delicious with lots of meaty and cheesy chunks. I happen to compare my beef lasagne with another brand, but same flavour, from a fellow hiker and his meal was a larger portion but certainly was more expensive when I priced it. The Proactive brand of foods are indeed, in my opinion, worth the costs and a tasty and easy meal to prepare on a hike. Just don’t mistake the small moisture absorbent package inside for flavour packet as a fellow hiker ate hers and was throwing up during the night. The one negative issue was the comparison between the two brands, as with the other brand it was easier to eat straight from the packet and that packet had a zip lock type sealer which meant that the packet could be closed and the packet was larger in size. I resorted to using a bowl for my meal as it was easier to eat it that way then from the packet.