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Oxygen Absorbers - Food Grade

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Size: 100cc (PACK of 100 Units)

Prolong Shelf-life and Protect Food from Oxidation and Deterioration

Available in 2 Sizes (100cc and 500cc) | Product Brand: O-BUSTER

Oxygen Absorbers - Food Grade

  • 100cc Bag contains 100 individual sachets
  • 500cc Bag contains 40 individual sachets

What is an Oxygen Absorber?

Oxygen Absorbers - Food Grade are made from an iron-based compound, packed in food-safe plastic sachet that is capable of absorbing 99.9% oxygen and therefore prolong the shelf life of food products.

How does it Work?

Oxygen in the air and that is trapped inside a container or pouch, supports the growth of microorganisms that causes changes in colours, product deterioration and rancid odour. Oxygen Absorbers - Food Grade prevent these changes by keeping the environment free of oxygen to maintain the quality and nutrition of foods.

Is it Safe?

Oxygen Absorbers - Food Grade are Non-Toxic and Safe for Food Contact and are certified under US FDA, ISO-9001, HACCP and ISO-22000.

What are the Benefits? (Oxygen Absorbers - Food Grade)

  1. Inhibiting the growth of most moulds to generally extends the shelf life of foods.
  2. Preventing flavour change, nutrient loss, and the generation of harmful substances caused by the oxidation of food compounds.
  3. Preventing oxidative loss of water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins.
  4. Preventing larvae from hatching and suffocate them.
  5. Postponing the discolouration and blackening of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  6. Extending the expiry date of health products and medicines.
  7. Reducing the use of food additives with potential adverse effects on human body.

How to Use?

To calculate the amount of oxygen absorbers needed in a pouch or container, you will need to know the volume of the pouch or container, the type of product being stored, and the desired oxygen level inside the package. Here are the steps:

  1. Determine the volume of the pouch or container in cubic centimetres. You can do this by measuring the length, width, and height of the container and multiplying them together.
  2. Determine the type of product being stored and the desired oxygen level. Some products, such as dehydrated fruits and vegetables, require a lower oxygen level than others to maintain freshness and prevent spoilage, whereas red meats are particular vulnerable to oxygen rancidity.
  3. Calculate the amount of Oxygen Absorbers - Food Grade needed using a general guideline of 100 cc to 500 cc (cubic centimetres) of oxygen absorber per litre of product, depending on the product and desired oxygen level. Note that the level of atmospheric oxygen is approx. 21% by volume.
  4. Choose the appropriate size and number of Oxygen Absorbers - Food Grade based on the calculated amount needed.
  5. Be sure to choose the appropriate size and number of Oxygen Absorbers - Food Grade to match the volume of the pouch or container and the calculated amount needed.
  6. If in doubt, add more Oxygen Absorbers - Food Grade.